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Communications & Public Speaking: Getting Started

Getting Started

Before you Begin: Know the Assignment

  • What type of speech is this?
    • Demonstration? Informative? Persuasive?
  • What question are you trying to answer?
  • Is there more than one part to the assignment?
  • How many resources are required?
  • What types of resources are required?
  • What citation style is required?
  • When is the assignment due?

Before Searching

  • What are the keywords in your thesis statement or in the question you are trying to answer? These will become your search terms.
    Example Thesis: "Teenagers from poor homes are more likely to go to jail than other teenagers."
    Example Keywords: Teenagers, Poor, Jail
  • Brainstorm additional search terms by finding words with similar meanings.
    Example 1, Keyword "Teenagers": Juvenile, Teen, Minor, Underage, Adolescent
    Example 2, Keyword "Poor": Poverty, Impoverished, Underprivileged, Unfortunate, Deprived
    Example 3, Keyword "Jail": Prison, Detention, Lockup

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