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EVT 230: Treatment Technologies: Getting Started

Getting Started

Before you Begin: Know the Assignment

Keep your assignment description close by so you can stay on track!

  • What topics are allowed? Sample Paper Topics include:
    • Biological remediation of oil spill on site
    • Underground storage tanks--problems & remediation
    • Bioremediation of BTEX components of gasoline
    • Vitrification--a position paper detailing its benefits & hazards
    • Hazardous by-products of incineration
    • Barrels as an option for long-term waste storage
    • Eutrophication of large water bodies (i.e. the oceans) by human wastes
    • Septic tank systems
    • Usage of any technology covered to treat a specific waste.
  • How many resources are required?
    • A minimum of 5 (five) references...but you may need more!
  • What types of resources are required?
    • At least 3 (three) must be academic references (books or scholarly articles) or professional text. The rest may be popular press, like newspapers & magazines.
  • When is your assignment due?
    • Start your research early so that you can gather your information BEFORE trying to start writing!
  • What citation style is required?
    • You should use MLA citation format for this assignment.

Before Searching: Develop a Strategy

  • Brainstorm ways to narrow or expand your search. For example, if you start out searching "gas companies", you could narrow it down by searching a specific company.
  • Synonyms are words with similar meanings that can be used to get more search results. Some databases will let you search multiple synonyms at the same time by using the Boolean Operator, "OR". For example: Lake OR Sea OR Ocean OR Marine
  • Combine your search terms using the Boolean Operator "AND" to narrow down the number of search results & to get more specific information. For example: Ohio River AND Industrial Pollution

Treatment Technologies